An Introduction to the Department of Finance

at Xiamen University

For more than 80 years, the Department of Finance at Xiamen University has celebrated a long and distinguished history as one of China's leading institutions and as a global leader in higher education. Founded in 1921 as the Banking program of the Business Department (later renamed to the Department of Finance) and as one of the original departments of Xiamen University, the department has achieved both national and international acclaim with a rich history and a dynamic future. In 1983, the department was selected to establish a Master's degree program, and 3 years later, in 1986, offered a doctoral program. In 1987, the joint application (with Public Finance) for a National Key Branch (NKB), one of the earliest NKB's in China was approved by the Ministry of Education and represents the only one for Finance throughout Southeast China. In 2001, the department achieved this honor again,

During the past 8 decades, we've dedicated ourselves to offer the finest in financial education and research. The department, which is currently the 3rd ranked Finance program in China, not only is recognized as one of the most famous centers for the study of Finance, but also is expanding its influence regionally across the Taiwan Strait and into Southeast Asia and internationally throughout the world. Through the establishment of scholar-exchange programs with many of the world's leading universities, we currently have developed relationships with the Finance and Economics departments from the following: Cornell University and UCLA in the USA; Dalhousie University and St. Mary University in Canada; Paris School of Commerce in France; and The University of Tokyo and Central University in Japan. Our faculty participates in joint studies programs with scholars from Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, as well as other countries and regions. Additionally, the department has also been tapped by the Ministry of Education through the “211 Project” and other programs to receive investments totaling over 3.75 million RMB to create a state of the art Financial Engineering laboratory to promote and improve advanced teaching methods as well as to equip researchers with the most modern tools and resources available.

The department currently offers Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Ph.D. programs. Undergraduate majors include Banking and Finance, Financial Engineering, and Insurance. Both our Master of Arts degree program and PhD degree programs include study in the following disciplines: Banking and Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance and Investment. As of September 2005, over 1,600 full-time students have enrolled in our programs including: over 1,100 undergraduate students and 377 Masters and 133 Ph.D. candidates. At the same time, dozens of international students have discovered the department's quality curriculum and have enrolled to take advantage of its outstanding reputation. Furthermore, each year scores of domestic teachers further their studies through the department's celebrated Continuing Education programs.

Currently, our department's award-winning faculty include 22 Professors, 15 Associate Professors, 9 Assistant Professors and 1 Senior Researcher. Their papers have been chosen to appear in many leading academic journals; their books have been published and are widely circulated taking a leading position on various current issues In Finance; and their research has influenced policy decisions at the national, provincial, and local level. Professor Yichun Zhang, our most distinguished professor in the department, has earned an international reputation as one of the leading authorities in China. Other nationally recognized professors include Shuxia Jiang, Zhenlong Zheng, Baoqing Lin, Mengnan Zhu, Chongming Qiu, Ming Zheng, Guojin Chen, Xiaoxing He, Xiaofeng Li, Rongming Zheng, Zibai Li, Chaoyun Du, and Shugeng Dai.

The Dean of the Department of Finance is Chaoyun Du.

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