Managing China's Stock Market: The Economics of the "National Team"
主讲人: Yongqin Wang

Yongqin Wang, Professor of Economics, "Changjiang Scholar" (Ministry of Education), Fudan University. Expertise: Finance, Development, Microeconomic Theory. He has published about 30 papers in top Chinese journals and some English Journals, and has published 9 books. He was Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University (2016-2017) and has spent two years as post-doc at Yale University (2008-2010).

主持人: Haiqiang Chen
时间: 2019-11-18(Monday)16:40-18:00
地点: 经济楼N302
主办单位: 厦门大学经济学院、王亚南经济研究院
类型: “WISE-SOE”金融经济学系列讲座